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    **Please note, we are only currently accepting new clients for short-term ADHD or Anxiety Evaluations and/or the Safe and Sound Protocol, not longer-term ongoing treatment. (Updated 05/16/24)

    Comprehensive ADHD Evaluations in New York

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    “Not everything we face can be changed, but nothing can be changed if it is not faced”

    – James Baldwin

    Our goal is to provide compassionate, collaborative, and comprehensive ADHD evaluations and treatment where you can learn about and work through some of the challenges you are facing in your life and hone in on your strengths.

    About Sarah Linder, LCSW-R


    As a clinician I have enjoyed working with many individuals and families. No matter what background, it seems that everyone is searching for some peace and happiness in their lives and for many different reasons they have become stuck in trying to figure out how to accomplish this goal. Allow me to guide you to the life you envisioned.

    I specialize in ADHD evaluations and treatment for all ages, as well as Anxiety, and EMDR. I work hard to meet you where you’re at while also hanging on to that roadmap of where you’d like to be. I will support your *healthy* beliefs and challenge unhealthy or unhelpful beliefs, and offer feedback in a judgement-free zone!