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  •  Safe and Sound Protocol

    Feel Better. Think Better. Connect Better.

    Music therapy based on the Polyvagal Theory

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    5 Hours of specially filtered music that can help with:

    -Auditory Hypersensitivity: Sensitivity to noises or issues like misophonia, which can contribute to irritability with repetitive noises and sensitivity to sound/overstimulation.

    -Difficulty Connecting with Others

    -Anxiety: Helpful for people with anxiety or some trauma responses.

    Recommended to be used in conjunction with other therapies such as mental health counseling. 

    *Current clients of Sarah Linder, LCSW-R have SSP available to them at a significantly reduced cost!




    What to Expect?

    The Safe and Sound Therapy Protocol is designed to be delivered in a safe and supportive atmosphere that goes at the pace that each individual’s nervous system can support.

    Learn & Understand

    Each session will hopefully build on your understanding of your own nervous system. With this knowledge and SSP, we hope that you can find easier ways to access feelings of calm, safety and connection to others.

    The more involved you are in completing exercises and bringing awareness to patterns of responding in your life, the more insight you will gain 


    Each individual is unique and thus we aim to tailor each listening session and decision to the needs of the individual. 

    Just like building up strength in any muscle in the body, SSP must be titrated according to each individual. There is no benefit to rushing through this protocol and allowances are made for time, space, and attention to safety.


    Fostering connection throughout this process is important. There are multiple ways to connect: to yourself, with others, with animals, with the earth, with spirituality. Humans are social beings! We find what pathways soothe and nourish your nervous system in order to build up tolerance for the social engagement system to flourish. 

    SSP Delivery Program

    Package Options are Designed to Progress at the Client’s Pace

    Step 1: Comprehensive Intake appointment. Introduction to the Polyvagal Theory and guidance on how to befriend your nervous system! Classical Music Playlist (lighter filtration, mostly done on your own). Regular music playlists for adults/children (no filtration, just to get used to the music for sensitive or curious individuals).

    Step 2: Full access to Core playlist for one individual

    Step 3: Full access to Balance Playlist for one individual

    *Family Discounts are available

    Step 1- Evaluation and Preparation for Core SSP

    -One confidential initial evaluation session @ $165/hour (Possibly covered by insurance, please check your benefits carefully-CPT code 90791). We will gather information relevant to starting SSP, complete sensory questionnaires and identify a listening plan best suited for your specific needs.

    -Non-refundable $30.00 charge for full access to the entire classical music playlist, which is a lighter filtration version of SSP Core and should be completed prior to the Core playlist. You will also be able to listen to the Core playlist without filtration so that you can get a feel for what songs and/or which playlist you might prefer, should you decided to move forward with the full SSP. 

    The classical music playlist will come with 15-30 extra minutes of virtual support beyond the initial evaluation appointment.

    -After evaluation and deposit, 3 months locked-in rate for you to begin SSP Core. *After 3 months, another evaluation appointment may be required before we can safely proceed to Core.

    Step 2: 5 Hour Core Safe and Sound Protocol

    -5 hours of direct support via telehealth or in-person. Each session will consist of Safe and Sound Protocol music plus exercises or learning to grow in your understanding of your nervous system. ($165/hour. Potentially reimbursable by insurance, this will be determined in the initial evaluation. CPT codes 90837, 90834 or 90832).

    -Full access to SSP Core for 5 listening hours. Should we decide to have you complete the entire Core playlist twice, you can choose to do this on your own at $15/month or with support at $165/hour, pro-rated based on time needed.

    -Listening is titrated based on your own nervous system needs. Some listening can be done independently and this will be decided upon together.

    -Secure messaging or telephone check-ins in between listening sessions if needed for the duration of the first 5 Core hours with Sarah Linder, LCSW-R.

    Step 3- SSP Balance

    -Full Access to SSP Balance to be completed on your own after the Core protocol if you choose at $15/month. This is a lighter filtration of the Core music to help keep the benefits of the Core music going. 

    -Support through reading, exercises and activities to foster ongoing understanding of your nervous system.

    -Access for 1 month following completion of the Core protocol.

    -Additional supportive sessions provided throughout SSP Balance available at an extra cost and pro-rated based on time needed ($165/hour).

    If you are looking to:

    – Connect better with others
    – Reduce sensitivity to sound
    – Learn to better regulate your emotions, and reduce fear and anxiety

    Find more information about specifics on the helpful new website!