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  •  Safe and Sound Protocol

    Feel Better. Think Better. Connect Better.

    Available via Telehealth and In-Person

    Music therapy based on the Polyvagal Theory

    Specially filtered music set to familiar songs that can help with:

    Auditory Hypersensitivity: Sensitivity to noises or issues like misophonia or autism spectrum disorders, which can contribute to irritability with repetitive noises and sensitivity to sound/overstimulation.

    Depressed Social Engagement System: Difficulty connecting with others or listening while others speak.

    State Regulation: Helpful for people with anxiety or some trauma responses.

    Recommended to be used in conjunction with other therapies such as mental health counseling. 

    *Current clients of Sarah Linder, LCSW-R have SSP available to them at a significantly reduced cost!

    Learn more about SSP.


    If you are looking to:

    – Connect better with others through improved listening

    – Reduce sensitivity to sound and sensitivity to food

    – Learn to better regulate your emotions, and reduce fear and anxiety

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    Packages Available

    You have 3 package options for services: 

    (Current clients may receive SSP at a significantly reduced cost if engaged in active treatment)

    1)   Classical Music Playlist (lighter filtration, mostly done on your own) + Regular music playlists for adults/children (no filtration, just to get used to the music for sensitive or curious individuals) with phone call support only

    2)   Full access to all playlists for one individual

    3)   Family discount rate for full access to all playlists

    Package 1- Classical Music Playlist + Non-filtrated Music

    Non-refundable $75.00 charge for full access to the entire classical music playlist, which is a lighter filtration version of SSP Core and should be completed prior to the Core playlist. You will also be able to listen to the Core playlist without filtration so that you can get a feel for what songs and/or which playlist you might prefer, should you decided to move forward with the full SSP. 

    The classical music playlist will come with 15-30 minutes of virtual support, a sensory-based questionnaire and recommendations on how to listen to get the best results.

    Should you decide to continue onto the Core playlist, this $75.00 will be applied to the payment due for SSP Core for 6 months. 

    Package Option 2- Full Access to all Playlists for 1 Individual

    $550.00- Full access to the SSP suite for one individual adult or child, less the $75 deposit for the classical music, bringing the total owed to $475, with over 5 hours of direct clinical support.

    The $475.00 payment will include:

    -One 30 minute planning and preparation session prior to beginning the Core protocol in person or via secure video chat.

    -Full access to the regular playlists (without filtration) for the duration of your listening protocol.

    -Full access to SSP Core for 5-10 listening hours (should we decide to have you complete the entire Core playlist twice. Time allowances will be made if the client needs to take breaks (*see below)

    -5 hours of direct face-to-face support for listening to the Core protocol with Sarah Linder, LCSWR; whether virtually or in-person at Sarah Linder’s office. (A 10-15 minute allowance will be given for each session if the client needs to take a break during one session.)

    -Secure messaging or telephone check-ins in between listening sessions if needed for the duration of the first 5 Core hours with Sarah Linder, LCSW-R.

    -Full Access to SSP Balance to be completed on your own after the Core protocol if you choose. This is a lighter filtration of the Core music to help keep the benefits of the Core music going. You will have access to this for 1 month following completion of your first Core protocol, or for 2 months if Sarah Linder agrees that you should complete the Core protocol a second time (you will only be granted access once you have completed Core).

    Package Option 3- Family Discount

    Includes everything from Packages 1 and 2 at the costs mentioned above, however, subsequent family members in the immediate household will be an additional $400 per person. This option is available to the family for 6 months starting after the completion of the first family member.

    -Listening may or may not be able to be completed within the same timeframe, depending on the availability of Sarah Linder, available devices, etc.

    -The $75.00 non-refundable classical music playlist still applies for each and every family member in your immediate household and will be deducted should they choose to move forward. This is both to protect the process, ensure adherence to the protocol if we are doing the listening virtually, and give the user a chance to try out the program with a lower financial risk. 

    -Each family member must fill out the appropriate paperwork and questionnaires deemed necessary for Sarah Linder in order to proceed; this is done to ensure the safest and most informed process available to you.